Our Nostalgic  Properties

At Nostalgic Properties we search for, acquire and rehabilitate properties that are in need of a little care and updating! With a lil' sweat and labor of love on our part they are brought back to their glory for new generations to appreciate and make their new home. We appreciate the skills and talents of the folks that built the houses we acquire and in those skilled  tradesmen who rehabilitate them.  Fitting  the right folks to the right house ensures that our Nostalgic home becomes your Nostalgic home. Striving to make a positive difference in our little bayou community  is what Nostalgic Properties is all about!


How to Rent our Properties


Each of our Nostalgic Properties locations are unique and distinct.

After determining which property you are interested  in, it is important for you to personally view

the property up close.

1. Make an appointment to view the available property

~ See Contact information below ~

2.  Confirm  your  appointment 20 minutes before your arrival at the property

3. View the property, ask questions, make inquiries, check out the neighborhood

4. Applications are available on site

5. Complete and submit the application